Paintings and Architectural Design

Malcolm Giladjian is of Armenian descent and comes from a line of professional and amateur artists, and his twin brother was acclaimed for his work in the film industry.

Malcolm has been living and working from his home in Brittany, not far from the Pink Granite coastline, this is where his painting of boats started. He has now returned to his family roots in Dorset.

His paintings in mixed media have a visionary quality charged with energy. View his Gallery

Malcolm has a great enthusiasm and a love of nature and takes what is around him to use in both his paintings and his garden and architectural design. The two complement each other using light, colour, form and movement.

He is never happier than when working on a new project.

If you would like to view Malcolm’s paintings, he is exhibiting at:

The Attic Gallery

He can be contacted to design uniquely landscaped garden layouts to suit individual requirements. View his Garden Designs